Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rakuzen Empire Subang Review - Mum Bday - 大姐 NEWS!

Before flying off to Singapore for work later in the evening, I would really like to quickly blog about my mum's bday and also a happy news. Let's start with the latter!

My beloved 大姐 have accepted the engagement proposal from her 5 years BF. Amazingly, I know certain couples who exceeded that period and still have no courage to move on and build a life together. Of course I am talking in terms of the general perception and definition of relationship from public. Either way, I deeply believe in mum's saying ... being together is all about being together at the end. To my ever lovely sister ... I wish you togethership till the end and make sure your fiance treat you to a fantastic honeymoon! Hehe

Talking about mum, a bunch of her children, god son and soon-to-be son-in-law if my sister accept the hand of the guy (long story cut short) ... had a great birthday dinner @ Rakuzen Empire Subang. I am also going to review the place for their food ... to continue the legacy of lemongrasswheat (the legacy of an eat-eat blog of two hungry Malaysians)

K leading the order with mum

Mummy's beautiful daughters.

The family party!

Mum and Dad

Family portrait

Mum blowing the candle after making her wish

Mum cutting the Orange cheese cake from RT Pastry

Sister giving mum a peck on the cheek.

Thanks everyone for celebrating mum's bday!

Time for the Review.

Rakuzen @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya
Tel : (Forgot, got the handphone number from another Rakuzen)

Spider Roll Maki - RM28 (sedap, tapi Sushi Zanmai lebih bagus yo!)

California Temaki Handroll - RM8
Softshell Crab Temaki Handroll - RM 8

Chicken Sukiyaki - RM 30 (recommended -make sure you drink it hot!)

NabeUdon Set - RM 38 (their set is quite affordable and worth the money!)

Gindara Teriyaki (codfish) - RM 28 (mahalnya! Tapi memang sedap sangat!!!)

Cha Soba - RM 18 (smooth cold noodle, but the soy sauce lack in taste, quite blunt)

Tempura Mori - RM 26 (good variety, again ... bad sauce)

Kimuchi Nabe - RM30 (Damn, I love this! Look out for hidden treasures if you are into seafood)

Stamine Roll - RM28 (tak cuba, I don't really like Unagi)

Dragon Roll - RM 28 (very nice! Crunchy and the portion is wonderful!)

Caterpillar Roll - RM22 (not bad, the avocado is fresh and the fillings suit the taste)

C.Salmon Maki and Kaki Fry Maki - RM16 each. CSalmon ... cannot beat the one served at Ichiban Boshi. Should have more flakes outside. KakiFry Maki ... nothing big deal. Ok la

Agedashi Tofu - RM24 (RM6 for one piece of tofu, erm ... not worth the money. Nothing to shout about)

Overall, the food is quite pricey, in comparison with their other sister company all under the same umbrella (Zen Sushi and Sushi Zanmai). In terms of food quality, I would recommend people to try as their ambience and service is commendable. The servings are quite nice, bigger portion compared to many sushi outlets and I would recommend their series of special sushi rolls for any takers. The cute and funny names alike of Caterpillar Roll, Stamina Roll and etc ... does live up to their name.

Me and my sister in front of Rakuzen

Going home and took a pic from the mirror reflection at the escalator in Empire.

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