Monday, June 21, 2010

Pillow talk between a girl and a boy

G : Just do what ever that you are happy with, no one cares
B : But why? Don't you think it takes two hands to clap
G : Ai ya, who actually cares la
B : I do! I mean ... can die meh if you make the move?
G : Hello, you can die meh if you make the first move?
B : It is always me you know ... I also want to feel how is it like to be chase after
G : Yeah, I also want that... you don't always get what you want do you?
B : I know la ... I just don't get it after so long.
G : You know, you can always look at things in two different perspective. You can make the first move, he can follow through or you can sulk and hope he makes the first move by hinting him. Either way, you get what you want
B : That's not the point. What if he never learn?
G : Boy! It's an inevitable condition la. I am sure everyone knows that. Moreover, does it matter if he learns or not? Sometimes getting back to square one isn't that bad an idea!
B : Square one means no growth le!
G : Or you can have so much growth, you end up old and lonely!
B : I know the crowd is getting younger and cuter by the day ... maybe it is a choice decision?
G : That is why you should have more confident of yourself and just do it ...
B : Do what? Its because of doing it ... its now like all hanging over
G : Which you can look at it in different perspective also. The scenarios are just too wide for what is acceptable and what is not. Take it from me, straights has the same much issues and stress you are going through and why do we have more than you bunch of fags? It is because we move on ...
B : I know I am sulking
G : You just love him la
B : Gosh! Don't say that ... you are my friend!
G : Please le, why are you talking about it then?
B : Just ramblings la
G : A huh, and tell me why you are not talking to me about your other encounters?
B : They are not as important la!
G : Gosh, you are in denial
B : No I am not!
G : Just admit it
B : I did a minutes ago ma ... Now I feel so unwanted and all. Makes me feel worthless you know
G : Worthless with a huge demand.
B : That's not the point
G : You so love him
B : Oi! Be a good friend ... support me abit leh?
G : That is the reason why I am sacrificing my sleep and still here with you till 4 am
B : *ops ... 4 am liao a?

* bits and pieces omitted. Parts of the conversations may have changed, but the content is smthing like that la

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