Thursday, June 10, 2010

dad's dirty game is too much

stay calm. stay calm.

breath in and breath out. stay in your room until you clear your dark clouds. not worth throwing fire ball in the middle of the night with your flu, headache and neck pain.

don't argue with dad. you know he is a jerk when it comes to money. cannot believe I fell for his stupid dirty little trick in getting me to prepaid my tuition fee with NR's account. ironically, my company is now, in financial terms - bankrupt thanks to his sweet words in convincing me that he will pay me back later. does he even know what he has done? own father lie to own son. indirectly, he is cheating his own son? and to make matters worse, he is like a slickly old fox who have caused me my company. Now there is not a single cent in NR.

i hate to say this dad, but you are the reason i would be so careful with you in the future. i shall not trust you with any of my financial from now on and you are on your own. i mean it, if you are reading this ... i am glad you did.

due to the fact that you are going against your words. i shall go against mine. no more installment plans from your good ol son. since you are so up-tight about your cash, and you have your own company and a full time job, yeap! your wife ... my mum DO TALK TO ME. so, please ... stop your crap shit about money. you brew hatred, disgust and remorse from me ... i really do not know what to feel now but hate you SO MUCH.

daddy plays dirty, son follows.

have a nice rest dad, cos tomorrow onwards ... you shall not hear a single word from me.

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