Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something missing in the head

I do not know why I am blogging during working hours. If my boss finds out ... I know I am going to be dead but my mind went blank on me since last night. I absolutely have no idea what is running through my head right now. I cannot remember the task I need to perform at work, I can't keep my eyes opened and I have short attention span. The head is heavy and having the post-flu, blowing your nose into tissues since last week isn't really helping.

Anyway, my head is just in a silent state of mode. I cannot plan what I need to do in the next few weeks and I cannot think straight. I disorganize my own schedule and had cause delay upon delivering my part in assignment. Something rare due to my attitude in prioritizing work and time management. Gosh, I am beginning to think that I am growing dumber, slower and more forgetful by the day!

The fact that I am yawning continuously and also contemplating to take long breaks (or even leave) frightens me. Is my body forcing my mind to shut down? Or is it some paranormal unexplainable activity sitting on my shoulder pressing my head (ya ya! I took this from some ghost movie!)

Either way, my blank mind has causes fatigue and restlessness in me.

Should I google about my condition and see what kind of sickness I may have gotten myself into?

or did someone just unplugged my left brain?

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