Monday, June 28, 2010

Bonker in towels

Woke up feeling that something bad might happened. After the car accident yesterday, I had jitters traveling but as how they have always said, the show must go on, or you can rise the red curtains and have people throwing rotten tomatoes at you.

I am speechless today not because of the bang yesterday but I felt a certain contentment arising from some hidden part of me. Ok, I am going bonkers!

Perhaps what I can say is I've finally completed my chinese drama series after erm ... 5 months and moving on to my next one. I've finally gotten the chance to laugh at the same jokes with Caffeine Bear after waiting for him to watch SATC 2. I've laid my case to rest because I did not threw my toys away after watching Toy Story 3. I absolutely do not understand why Alice in Wonderland was so badly done. I think I flung my MBA exam due to ill-preparation. I've taken a drive with the new car and most likely will not drive it again thanks to my freak accident. I've gotten myself attached to the company's facebook account and cannot believe how dumb I am at it. I've opened-up (quote and unquote) to a new girlfriend and cannot believe how much she actually cared for me. I spent quality time with lilpixie's nephew and vow that I will have my own one day. I am saving for a whole list of things not on my wish list ... and also to repay for the damages done from yesterday's incident.

And a pic for the day!

So here I am blogging, and in a few minutes time ... I will be checking-out and off the country. My grand espionage-escapee from responsibilities, stress and a whole lot more ... Really?

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  1. got to know you caught in an accident. how's everything now? thanks for your EJECT!!!