Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sex, City, Singapore and Shopping!

After spending a few days in Singapore, working and playing hard... I am back safely in Malaysia. To be honest, the sale in Singapore (deemed as Great) isn't that great afterall. With the standard 20-30% discounts plastered around, I don't think anyone would be interested. The sale scene was very quiet compared to the past I was around to witness throngs of people scavenging over sale bins.

The only boutique that probably worth attending to would be to identify the Que outside their store. Only two; Gucci and Prada. The two big brands actually had discounts. For me, Prada was worth the que but the conversion rate literally will blow my budget out for the months to come. And so, I did not buy anything from there ... not to mentioned the BV handphone strap too! Urgh. I just realised my spending power is weak

But that said, I did buy one thing only this time around. An absolutely gorgeous white Lacoste shoe ... I paid only around 85SGD for it. Hehe. WHAT A BUY!

Will review the fantastic Ramen restaurant that Eagle (formerly known as partner in crime) and I went to. Compulsory for us to have it whenever we are in Singapore.

Anyway, I so need to go out and breath some "noisy" air. After sitting in the coach and watching two romantic comedies (not to mentioned the exhilarating post-excitement after Sex and the City 2 last night) ... I really do not need to be reminded of another fairy tale ending.

By the way. Go get yourself "carrie away"! Sex and the City 2 ... WATCH IT UNCENSORED! hAHA

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