Friday, January 8, 2010

Sense Studio, Uptown

I remember telling myself to blog and praise about this place, but it always skipped my mind. Since I am feeling under the weather today with my sore throat, tiresome of the jam today, emotionally affected by the church attacks and also dawning on the anticipation where my weekend will be filled with people except myself, I shall do something nice today for someone before I embark on a nasty journey through the weekend.



Ever since a year and a half back, I've frequent this place to get my hair cut. I have to say, the place is wonderful, spacious, very professional and damn, these two senior hair stylist are really angels sent from above. I have experienced so many different kind of hairstyles and today, I gotten one that I liked alot. A crew cut that shows off my boyish features and still get my fringe to style for any future (or if any) show!

Well, I do look like crap, but the hair cut is still good!

Take a bow and a million claps to Simon and Joanne, the two wonderful guru in hair styling and damn with RM40, you get a great hair cut, wash, head massage and a nice cup of tea. Of course, if you want to get them on peak hours, kindly call the studio and get your bookings. I prefer to meet them during lunch hours ... catch up and returned to office looking better each time.

Well ... for more information, kindly contact them at:

Sense Studio
Uptown Damansara ... Above HSBC (behind Ambank)
03 - 7727 5299
Operating hours - 10am - 8pm (open everyday except the two Chinese New Year Holidays)

Time to go back and rot in my own mood.

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