Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gym, work & my mum's an angel!

I don't get why do guys in the gym like showing me their private parts. It is not the first time I totally ignored and pretended that they are invisible but today's giant bear was one of the most persistent and scariest. Yeap! a giant bear flashed his penile at me and trailed me with his at-least 38inch tummy from the sauna, to the steam room, to the locker, to the cubicle next to mine, to the toilet, then to the towel counter,waited for me at the skating ring and all the way to the ATM dispenser outside gym, waited for me while I withdraw cash and then followed me a bit before finally getting the signal that I wanted him to vanish before I head to my car. If I had the power to throw an electric ball ... he would have been totally electrocuted by me ...

So back home, I was telling mum about how busy work was and how clumsy I am. Not a very good trait of a business manager. Today I lost a cheque that I am suppose to help my boss cash in. Important it is and I didn't even notice that I lost it just like my wallet last week! I hate myself. I was so afraid to tell my boss, fearing my reputation as a manager would tarnish. How am I suppose to lead 20 retail staff with my clumsiness? But at the end I confronted the my monster and my boss is very understanding. Lucky me again! Mum consoled me and told me to take things easy. She utter that I am still young that I should slowly learn and try to not lose things... remind myself to constantly check the important stuff near me. Mum's the best, she did it so motherly just like how a great person would do

Then she totally touched me when she said that she wanted to volunteer for blood donation. Her kindness motivated me and my dad to volunteer as well. I guess the blood bank will soon have 3 extra blood bags ... provided they do not reject any of ours. Well, mum asked me to plan ... and so I will after my Singapore trip...

How could she not be an angel!

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  1. that bear is a scary bear indeed! what a stalker!!

    and dear, you gotta learn to be less clumsy ya. 1st wallet, now cheque. maybe you have to many things in yr head right now, with work and all. take it easy yah ;)

    p/s: yr mom is a real angel!=)