Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lucky or Clumsy?

I parked my car, collected my parking ticket (some outdoor parking outside KLCC Aquaria near Menara UOA II) and then clearly remember placing the ticket in my wallet. Then, I struggle across the street with my laptop and some files, all hand-carried without a proper bag. Walked the side walk, entered the convention center and headed directly to my retail area. Greeted my staff, gotten a quick report and update about work and just as I was about to make my rounds, checking my pocket and the little laptop case ... I found my wallet missing in action.


I rushed out the convention center, to the streets and scouted for the cheap-plain-black PVC leather wallet. No where to be found. Trailed my journey and I began to sweat. I remained calm and asked for my staff's assistance in helping to scout for the missing item and together, we again trailed my footsteps. No luck ... confirmed gone ... and I am drenched in sweat.


AH?! The trouble of going for the police report, then replacing my identification card, driving license, getting stuck in the early jam to government offices, then jamming my way to the counter to get the replacement ... urgh ... Called the banks to cancel of my credit card and etc. How inconvenient. Andrew oh dear Andrew ... you are one clumsy fellow! But how the hell I lose my wallet?

5 hours late ...

I said thank you to a caucasian businessman who works in Shell. He was walking to his office and found my wallet standing in the middle of the walkway. Yeap, standing and staring at him. The nice and kind man took my wallet and called every possible number he could locate in my ugly dark wallet, including my credit card bank, my atm bank and also my former maxis manager since I did not leave any of my business card in there. With that, Mr. Peter was able to track me down and finally pass me my belonging when I visited his home. He said I was one lucky fellow and I agreed ... of course, hating myself for being so clumsy too.

DENG~ Now I have no excuse to get a new wallet ... but at least I did not have to go through the mess of replacing my important stuffs...

Lesson to learn ?

  1. Always put your belongings in a bag; bag pack ke, hand bag ke, sling bag ke, any bag ... chances of losing a bag is less prominent compared to dropping a wallet
  2. Always double check your stuff whenever you reach any checkpoint to minimize risk of losing stuff
  3. Always, if possible, pass you belongings to be safe-kept by someone more careful
  4. Always employ or hire people like Peter. Make the country a safer place.
  5. Always get a cheap wallet, in case hilang ... tak sakit hati sangat (only applicable for clumsy people like me!)

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