Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Sara !

This post is specially dedicated to the a very special person, who had existed in my life only to bring me happiness, sense of belonging, security, never judging me and the best hugs-kisses-tongue-gesture ever! A big toast and happy birthday to the lady who

pat my head when i was crying on her lap,
who sheltered me from rain,
who danced and drank away with me every occasion,
who protected me when i was dead drunk,
whom tongue play i always remember and will laugh,
who never hesitated to answer and return all my calls,
who asked me out for lunch, dinner, supper and even breakfast,
who supported me through my tough financial year,
who always cared for me like a younger brother,
who introduced me to Vivian, a great lady who took me in as her own soon
who took me to temple to get higher enlightment
who introduced me to Dr. Kok that is equally as important as her in my life
who always include me in any gatherings, party and outings
who held my hand when i tremble and shake
who shared her laughters, troubles and all with me
who had took the responsibility calling me her brother

... and many more

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA! May all your wishes and luck climb greater heights in the year 2010!

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