Saturday, January 16, 2010

The last minute changes

Sometimes life is fair,
Sometimes god answers your prayers,
Sometimes your very own wish comes true,
Sometimes it is just fate.

All my plans for the hectic coming saturday (today!) has been officially called off. I remember looking at my own diary and wondered how I survived each Saturday packed to the max. Unexceptionally, today was suppose to be similar ... pack with spending time with close friends, both local ones and international ones. My itinerary for the day? Officially emptied as of 10 minutes ago.


Friends from Singapore - unsure of dinner schedule, called off reservations
Catching up with best friend - canceled to avoid confrontation with his other half
Spending time with my other half - postponed due to complications
Spending time with family - unnecessary as everyone is busy with their own thing
Tonight's clubbing - 80% calling off due to other reasons

So ... Yeap ... I finally got the whole day to myself. Half glad, half concerned too. Hopefully I can end the day with a better mood. Hm... perhaps I should go to gym or something.

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