Sunday, January 31, 2010

My music listing

Music healed my soul. After a tiring week, physically (recovering from my fall) and also emotionally (recovering from failed business deals), I've subjected myself to playing the top playing songs on my ipod, and now I am ready to take the coming week. BRING IT OWN!

Wanna know what songs are spinning in my head, here is the list. Most of the song gets me singing or at least dancing anyway;

1. Black Eyed Pea - Meet me Halfway
2. Rihanna - Russian Roulette
3. Toni Braxton - Yesterday
4. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
5. Leona Lewis - Happy
6. Leona Lewis - Outta my head
7. Leona Lewis - My Hands
(YES! Leona Lewis's new album ECHO is so damn good!)
8. Boys Like Girls (ft Taylor Swift) - Two is better than one
9. Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
10. Orianthi - According to you

Well there's quite a number of good songs playing around the radio. No?

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