Monday, October 22, 2007


I spend the weekends with great companies. As usual, being me ... I tend to digest everything and reflect myself in any possible situation. A hobby I found, self improvement. I realize something new every time someone said something.

  1. Giving up meant losing something important
  2. By being afraid, you have expose yourself to a weak point
  3. Being stronger doesn't mean you are more responsible
  4. If you are happy doesn't mean you are content
  5. One things for sure, if you have a heart of stone, you are emotionless
  6. Sensible humans do things that will not hurt themselves
  7. Humans are selfish. Great friends are not
  8. If you love a person more, it hurts more.
  9. If you are the one being love, you have more power.
  10. By Eva, loving someone ... you are opening yourself to hurt and pain. It's an inevitable package

I guess "mat yeah de yao tat lei kong". Everything also can be said. It really depends on the individual. But one things for sure, life is like a circle. For everything bad, comes a good. For every love, comes a hate. For every contentment in life, comes disappointments. For every pain, comes a better day. It's not how you feel at the end of the day but it's how you deal with it.

After the whole episode of my infidelity, I realize that you owe yourself a good exploration and self learning process. If it hurts every bit to travel along the road ... it means you are still human, a respectable one. Thank you my friends for reminding me this. Some people took their whole lifetime to understand that fact. Some may not even have to go through it. Some may realize it only in their fifties. But well, everyone is different. I am glad I am going through this. Although I can't accept myself for what I have done. It's something I should always look at. My past has been really tough ... and yet, it still looks very dark. I may have to go through it alone and never expected anyone to go through it with me ... but thanks to those who are willingly to journey it with me without judging me.

At different stages of life, you learn different things. That's the truth. One thing's for certain ... I intend to keep those promises I made. It's better late than never and because it is worth every single pain and hurt

I should end this post. I am blogging it straight from what I feel and think and it may have sound utterly ridiculous.

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