Sunday, October 7, 2007

What a night!

Eva, Lynn and I finally sat down and had our wacky girl talk session. Guess how long it lasted?

6 freaking hours! From 11pm all the way to 4am. That was only the three of us. I met Eva earlier about 6pm ... and we have been talking ever since then!

It was so much fun, catching up, talking about movies, what we are doing, our life, work, revisiting moments back in Uni, bitching about friends, gossiping about people we do not even know, teaching each other tactics to get a new guy, the art of flirting and yes ... we yap alot about love and boys. The amazing thing is that ... we talked none stop ... no resting gap at all!

Comm students ma!

We went to 3 different cafes just spending time talking away like mak ciks. It was so much fun. I wanted to take pictures of us but the bimbo me only brought the camera and left the battery at home.

Next time then ...

Too bad we missed two kakis. Grace and Damaris ... if you reading this ... you owe us a mak cik meetup! Buahaha

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