Sunday, October 23, 2011

This ones for you my dear superheroes

The past few days has been hazzy. Life is about making decisions, living to it and making the best out of it. I don't know how I instill such positive behavior and sometimes shocked at myself but well, I have the people around me to thank.

I am about to make the third most important decision in my life. I clearly remember the first two.

One - to continue my study in Australia when my relationship then was still quite fresh and vulnerable to risk. Never regret it cos I've grown so much from it and the experience that comes after that made me a better person

Two - to risk separation and see how far we would go. Kinda regret it because it haunts me everyday to see that it wasn't that solid after all to begin with, but making the most of it for now.

Three - a decision to be made tomorrow. I do not want to reveal about it but lets keep tabs shall we?

A lot people have been supportive in the cross road of my life. I guess it is a blessing in disguise to have inspirational and strong people around you. There are those who logically reminds you of the right thing to do in long term for short term sacrifices, there are those who unconditionally support and love you quietly even thought it aches them to see you go the other way, there are those who becomes inspirational enlightenment in darker days braving strong each day without fear and weakness, there are those subtly sing each words filling your soul for courage and revelation, there are those who live to just be by your side even though they have alternative life-hood, there are those who quietly wishes you the best, thinking about you everyday even when they are not around, then there are those who walk the talk and live their life setting examples for you, there are those who loudly proclaim their support in your shadows and there are those who you have never met but had them constantly responding to your qualms in viral networks.

To those who had made it possible ... you would not believe how much you have meant in every single way. Life is tough, but you guys (and girls) are tougher in every way. It is because of people like you that strong leaders, soulful singers, great companions, beautiful lovers, sincere friends and undeniably courageous individuals are frame to swim through this sea of thorns. So let's all stay that way ya? Sounds like preaching, but together - I guess we are like the forces of superheroes ... saving each day at a time. I should strike a pose now eh?

That said, I wonder when is Wonderwoman the movie is releasing. I really hope the movie showcases a hot, well built woman in super tight hotpants (or is it panty?) to play the role. Please let it be someone with Beyonce's hip, Catherine Z Jones's look and Charlize Theron's acting. Miss seeing chick butt kickboxing action movies.

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  1. Hope the Wonder Woman kicks ass. And pray to God it's not as lame as the Catwoman one before.

    BTW hope you made the right decision!