Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Someone like me

I read about Ryan's blog just a few minutes ago and since I am companying my mum in the living room, she is wide awake waiting for her meds to kick in - vomiting due to gastric, I decided to spent the next few minutes to copy Ryan's post on disclosing stuff about myself. Not sure if I can do this as well as him, but no harm trying

I grew up fantasizing about mutants, specifically the X-men. Always believed that mutants exist and secretly hope one day I can jolt someone with my electric ball. Till today, I will swipe my hand to "open" the sensory sliding glass doors at shopping mall and secretly counting the traffic light and lift my hands towards it whenever it is gonna turn green just to pretend that I have powers. I am a guy who lives in his fantasy realm.

That said, I never understood why people see me as a comic joker sometimes. As much as I am happy go lucky, there are a number of people who will see me as complicated, complex or even cocky. Some see me as a person who worry and find trouble, some see me as carefree and troubless. To be frank, I am only human. I do feel both ways and on many occasion, wish that people could see my vulnerable side.

So yes I am emotional because I am a Leo. And yes to the fact to that I still think I am a boy although I had change the way I see myself after my 26th birthday. In comparison, I am definitely someone who stresses on success. Ever since young, my family is below average both income earnings (which translate to stability and growth for spending) and education (none in my family - before me graduated from Uni before). With my weak english command 7 years ago, I have push myself hard enough in the past years to improve not only my english but mentality in dealing with conflict as well as graduating recently with an MBA. All to sharpen my own skills and then found a new interest ... in learning

So I am taking up a sport soon which is most likely Tennis since my first choice of wakeboarding is too expensive. I do have expensive hobbies and taste, which is a proven track record in my history of shopping, selecting partner (not like as if I have more than two) and also interest. My favourite fashion brand is no doubt Burberry and Prada. I do have a fetish for formal wear and accessories. I find that a man's jewelry is no doubt the watch and diamonds are always man's best friend too if wore and used correctly. Subtle and Vintage is in my dictionary for fashion and Noah Mills is my all time favourite model. That said, I hardly use perfume and my last count - I had 30 shirts, 14 slacks, 42 polo tees, 13 jeans and 4 khakis. I rather not count my t-shirts.

On the contrary, I am gadget bonkers. Do not know the difference between cables, power adapters and any techky stuff. That is because both my EX and best friend are Tech people. So I rest on my laurels. Spare me the look, but because I like expensive stuff ... I tend to be more aesthetic than practical, something I deemed important. To make matter worst, I do not have FB but I do have a tweeter and blog account. I do have both Mac and PC but somehow never an ipod. I do have an iphone which I talk to everyday because I love it but never ever que for anything ... that includes food.

My favourite food are usually cooked and fragrant. Although often switched about, the ranks are quite consistent with most-least : Korean, Malay, Thai, Indian, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. I do not eat strawberries, beef and only recently begin to taste duck meat after Beijing trip. Am extremely into Pork. Tea person, Juice over Coffee and usually will snack peanut butter sandwich before I sleep. A hot mug of milo always makes me smile

I cannot sleep with an empty stomach and extremely shy if there is an absence of aircond because I sweat easily. Had wet a number of beds and feel extremely embarrassed about it when I overnight at friend's place. I usually weep quietly and hate myself for doing so by quietly sitting at the corner of the bed, waiting for the sheets to dry. Since I occasionally have severe short-term insomnia, I am used to being zombified for the next day. But I try to avoid that as I am quite hyper and lack of sleep only will force fatigue to hit me harder the next day. So, I tend to shower before I sleep and love a bathroom with rainshower and human massage. :-)

I stop smoking because I kept a promise to a person and I started drinking more than usual these days. I do not adore beer and prefer whites over reds. I like dancing and will try to end up in the club more often but a quiet jazz night or live band is always welcome in between weeks. I contrast myself very much. I grew up with Disney Cartoons and am still a big fan over them. I love ruthless bloody game where screen are splattered with blood. Contrast.

I really do not know what else to write but that I am a person probably with very interesting lifestyle and friends. I am a mummy's boy and somehow, I like that. My mum is definitely my idol and hero! So I think I am going to like to be someone's boy one day. Loved and Spoiled they said. Till then, I am going to eat my peanut butter sandwich alone and crossing fingers that one day I get to make two slice, one for me ... one for the other

ps - happy 700th post?

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