Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last post for Oct?

I think the month is coming to an end. Oh, it is the end. October has been definitely a pass through month. Honestly, I don't even remember what I did in the past month. Only regret skipping that much of gym, losing unnecessary weight looking thinner and probably the only thing worth remembering is Trixie and Ryan's wedding.

And so I was looking back the past few weeks and wonder, how life had intertwined with decision making and coping with the possibility of losing a close friend. The ironic part is that sometimes I felt I lost myself within time and space. It is as if a kind of drug is taking over. Worrisome, no doubt but manageable.

So the usual rambles aside, I just am happy that the next two weeks will be dedicated to my close friends, buddies who are really just next door all the time. My turn to show appreciation to the great souls that has been around. Right now, I am just gonna go with the flow. No frills, no expectations.

Time will tell

So back to playing with Bonge. Hehe ... yeap, got a new gadget to play with ... Not gonna slash my wish list since it's NOT a substitute. Just need a better organizer for my up-coming tight schedule life!

Bonge ... and Binge, lighted up so happy he got a new friend to sleep with at night

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