Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don't judge ... Choose to listen

Today, I had an awkward conversation with Ms. GreenCum as she asked me about my sex life. As I was quite reluctant to release the details, I gotten a signal from her that the subject was not directed to me. She wanted to someone to listen ...

As my eyes started to open widely, I agreed to listen ... quietly. The details unfold and at the end, I was happy to be there for her. I realize that it was quite a serious problem and the moment I doubted her at first (and close to refuse her moment of sharing) would have been quite a shameful and mean act.

After the awkward and quite private chatter. I decided to crack a joke and the rest was history. We were laughing non-stop for the next hour of drive around Klang Valley, delivering goods, inventories, paying government taxes and gasping for air from being drama queens. I realized what a joker I am and how people would taken me not seriously, misunderstand me and worse prejudge me for my comical stance. That said, dear Ms GreenCum comfort me with words of encouragement and motivated me for work. The time flies and soon we were back at work, rushing for deadlines and hoping to get the company to the next level

The beauty of being open and truly yourself at work.

That said, I am also truly blessed to have great friends who remember me during their great shared moment. Like this next pic, where I gotten a nice treat for a scrumptious supper ... how sinful!

Me devouring the biggest prawn I ever saw. It measures close to 15cm in length!

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