Thursday, July 1, 2010

Financially still good!

What happens if you favourite brands go on a non-tax goods sale? YOU GO BERSERK!

I am so happy to be leaving SG. I do not know why, but I have felt a surge of discomfort and bad omen around the whole week. Although I kept myself busy at work and busy after work (think of window shopping with the GSS on going everywhere!). By the time I bunk into the hotel, I usually spend one hour preparing for work the next day and another hour to solely to catch up on my drama series. As anticipated, soon 4 days flew passed.

Then, there is the pessimistic self of me who cannot stand how well Singaporean dress. Yes, they do not have the best of looks but YES they compensate that with their sense of style and dressing and NO! I was not only at Raffles Place. Overall, I envy the currency strength that SGD carries. That definitely plays an important role. I mean, I hardly smell fakes around here!

Also, I cannot wait to leave the world of shopping .... resistance or not, it is awesome here and I subject myself to shopping merely for the sake of self actualization and redemption. EXCUSES! Time to be thrifty too for the next month. Thanks E.Ko for your great company and advise in getting the best deals around. I returned with little damage for quite a number of things I bought!

Weird but I definitely look forward to being home with mum. I am so looking forward to have dinner with my sisters and catch up. Miss lifting weights with Caffeine Sunbear and definitely look forward to catch up with friends. I have also made a confession that I hate being alone and the fact that I become quite bitter lately wasn't a good solution.

Time to pay my debts and also make compensation for the wrecked I've caused. Sigh. I hope the cars won't cost too much.

Pic of the day!

How can I resist? It is REALLY worth the buy.

Time to pack up and board the plane. GAWD! The chinese pilot who walked pass look so damn good looking. No wonder all the teenage girls fly JetStar! I am so flying Jetstar too! No delay leh~

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