Friday, July 23, 2010

Incept this!

Inception! I likey the movie. It makes you think, and the story is quite straight forward. Although I did not gave a standing ovation for Christopher Nolan, the movie is worth paying for. I would say that even though I am not a big fan of Leonardo, I am watching out for a rising actress, the girl who played kitty pride in Xmen - Ellen Page!

No spoilers on my review but it is definitely one of the best movie for the year. I very do much likey How to train your dragon and sex and the city2, but Inception is one wonderfully directed and written. Nothing compared to Memento, but still a good movie!

Of course, the main reason I watched Inception, despite I got bad seats (thanks to last minute eagle who wanted to watch in Iluma) ... not that bad at the end, was solely for : Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I am sure many of you do not recognize this young actor but he had made a scene while acting in 3rd rock from the sun ... yes, the famous comedy back in the 90s and when I saw him in Mysterious Skin (2004), I knew this actor is going to be big one day! I mean, he can act! and something about his look I likey very much too!

So, it was worth paying $10 SGD to watch him. Moreover, he was in a suit!!! Seeing him flying around (or is the right term floating? gliding? maneuvering?) in the hotel without gravity, landing punches, kicks and literally stacking his comrades with wires was really cool. The thing that really made my little wild kid jump up and down is really seeing him in the back of the van, heavily dosed but still managed that little smile upon his face. And with the rain drops splashing on his cute smile ... arh! melted! I wish I could wake up seeing this kinda grin ... So empowering and SO CUTE!

Ok, I shall stop right now ...

Pic of the day - Me in Chinatown Spore, enjoying the hawker food! I think I look nice in this pic! No?

BTW, I am back in Malaysia. Tee hee!

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