Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bangkok Day 1 and Day 2 1/2 ...

Being in Bangkok brings a total different feeling. The last time I was here, around 2+ years ago, I was here with a peaceful mind, soul searching, mending a broken heart but still has the will to rectify mistakes I've done. This time around, it feels exactly the same except that I do not even recognized what kind of errors I en-strangled myself in!!! Questions after questions, I've been tagged as complicated and deserve the bad sleeping feeling every time I wake up. Something to do with thinking in my dreams. Ironically, I had a great sleep last night.

To be honest, I do not even know what got into me making compulsive last minute trips. I will not deny that I am currently traveling at my most vulnerable moment. Dangerously it may sound, I am like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. It feels like I've taken 5 tequila shots and my body is purging to vomit the discomfort.

That said, I did and am having a great time experiencing Bangkok after the riot. The traces of the previous unrest are still vivid. The locals do talk about it but today at Chatuchak, there were swarms of tourist and as usual, its a never ending bazaar for fashion lovers. I am a bit more adventurous this time around, trying new dishes and street foods, with caution to my weak, sensitive and lady-like stomach!

Talking about ladies, yesterday's Jupiter Boys show was a brief letdown. The cute boys parading with numbers are pretty boring displays, with frequent folks "buying", "renting" the gorgeous cuties home ... or whatever you call the gesture, since I think prostitution is a bit judgmental. The saver was of course, professionally choreographed lady boy drag shows. With smirks and laughter - I went back feeling chirpy!

Well, I look forward for the next few agendas, especially plans to visit some buddhist temples here - something that probably my friends would have be delighted to skip every time we travel together.

Got to go now to grab dinner ... Will post pictures later on!

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