Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Healthy gambling?

I had my first casino experience today. While at lunch break during work at Marina Bay Sands, Eagle and I visited the casino, where we each took $50 and vow to stick to the initial budget for gambling. The bad thing was, we both lost the $50 but the good thing was that was the only thing we both lose in the hour we spent there. In comparison with those aunties and uncles we saw, $50 for some of them is nothing!

I learned a few tricks myself and I must say, gambling is one game one should not get hook too. The temptation and drive of hearing slot machines ka-ching, dealers announcing the result of win, the chips in your hand and magnetic force of raising your bets is very high. The higher the feeling, the higher the risk. Eagle and I both understood the environment and also game play. We were betting on having fun.

Beginner's luck hit and I was at a good winning streak. $50 vs $125(nett). I probably should have cashed out but one silly mistake, one pride moment and one compulsion act, blacking out my conscious and all took that fortune I made away. Beginner's luck also comes in beginner's skill. I mistakenly placed my $5 chip with my $25chip in three bets. A quick second of warning from eagle, and me bluntly (or more like blindly) forgetting the value of chipped I placed and wanting to withdraw ... the dealer deals, and bye bye fortune.

The little ghost then took over, turning the winning streak into a losing one. Eagle was happy I lost. I was happy too. Reason? I learned a few things or two about gambling. The healthy and most wisely way to approach this game. A lesson and advise of two;

1. ALWAYS stick to your initial pullout money, and be prepared to lose them
2. NEVER lose your conscious mind and NEVER get emotional
3. COUNT your blessings, WITHDRAW when winning
4. LEAVE your valuable belongings, atm card, credit card, cheque at home
5. BRING someone who can stop you from being a casino-for-dummy experiment
6. Recommended pull out is 1-3% of your total salary for this GAME!

Gambling can be fun and thrilling, as long as you know your limit. Ok, that's a bias statement. Gambling can be fun and thrilling, as long as your loved ones know your limit and approve of you at the value you are going to throw down the drain.

Pessimism aside, winnings should be counted as bonus on top of the game. If Ma Jong can be healthy, I am sure having to bet on big/small dices can be too!

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