Monday, July 5, 2010

Dry and got me thinking

They say that economic management is dry. The lesson to keep yourself awake during lecture is to keep your eyes on the lecturer and keep your mind actively relating concepts to real life examples. That kept me sane through the 3 days non-stop (what we called; no weekend) lectures.

I am not even sure if the lecture is indirectly affecting me right now, but I feel stoned.

Today, a close brother of mine told me that people can change very quickly and that sometimes people don't really care if it affects others. That scares the hell out of me! Because if that statement is true, it means that someone you thought, that you knew is a complete total stranger!

Although it is inevitable that people do change across time or situations, and at many occasion ... they become a totally different person, can we subject ourselves to believing that the way of life is that? Change - Different - Accept it - and - Sulk it up you loser! We all prefer to believe that the truth is what you see and feel, no? Life is already superficial as it is, and I would like to think or choose to believe or in stronger words, provide the benefit of doubt that close friends are not strangers at heart. Unless they try to be

Imagine if your definition of life controls your perception (pre-judging) and labeling someone as a stranger, inflicting awkwardness and proximity on the sake of "choosing to falsely believe" that a changed person only exhibits a false front. Wouldn't that rise more concern and doubts? which will then leave you feeling insecure and bitter? Why would someone go through all of those for the sake of subjecting themselves to such ridiculous thinking ... Does a person really change or do you just have a different perception or expectations on how a person should be? Does it really matter at the end?

Will you reject and dilute all the great feelings and prefer to find an empty piece renewed for the sake of continuity? Where do you go from there? The issue of returning to the root problem can occur again ... No?

As I venture deeper into this questions of uncertainty in knowing someone I knew, or at least I thought I knew ... I began the never ending road of questioning, evaluating and inspecting my own expectations of that someone.

My brother would have put it in two words : soul searching. I put it in one word : redundant. Being on the side where having admiration on Noah Mills creates a sexual infatuation shows that people like us already live in a superficial fantasy life. By rejecting the normality expectation of relationships, we are already defining a world of our own ... and that said, we have chosen the path to travel with pride, and certainly with bright colors. What is the whole point of "trying" to live a normal life, when you are not?

Answer : Because we choose to believe there is life in the layers of life

A great teacher told me this
"choose to believe and good things comes your way"

Therefore, I choose to believe that a changed person is only based on your own assumption and pre-judgement to reject your own true feelings about a person. It is not a question of who has changed, but how you react to it. By staying neutral, you get the best of both worlds. Thus, I believe the person hasn't changed a bit. Probably that is the truth. I prefer to think that everyone is an angel in their own special way ... let the change in negativity be someone's problem. I am probably happier that way ~

I shall end your misery in digesting such thoughts with my pic of the day!

Nostalgic moment back in high school, pretending to be a young hot dad :P

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