Monday, February 6, 2012

My holiday weekend in JB

Oh my it is been so long since I wrote something. I wonder if anyone still reads... I only realised that after getting back today, just an hour ago. I didn't mean to abandon my blog, but come to think of it - maybe I did neglect it.

I had some time these few days. Since its holiday and I was actually stationed back in JB for the weekend, I spent many hours watching Bleach, cleaning the house and actually just doing laid-back stuff. That said, I did a few interesting things this weekend:


I went to a community-ala-neighbourhood gym that allow pay by entry usage just to test the facilities and machine. I have to say that it is nothing compared to the "franchise giants" back in KL but relatively, the machines are good enough for proper weight lifting and training. The interesting thing is that, everything else is pretty much standard. You get free weights area, cardio machines and the normal weight-pull-push stuffs. You get standard groupies helping and motivating each other to do more sets and reps. You occasionally get girls going about the cardio treadmills and trying out the assistance machines.

The interesting new experience for me was actually the temperature. Gym is hardly equipped with enough aircond. Am not complaining, because I think it helps actually for the body to push even harder. That said, I realize I can concentrate and work out better too. Perhaps it is crowd pressure. Everyone in the gym actually looks like they are serious about working out, and it shows in their back, shoulder, arms, legs ...

So, I officially sign up for a 3 months package deal. It is not that bad really, the memership fee is around rm80p/month ... and if I go for the yearly deal ... it would be rm58 p/month. And that is the best gym in town. LOL ... wonder if there are cheaper options :P

I had my first bowling in Singapore yesterday and my first bowling in JB today. I guess that is what you usually do here because most of the lanes are packed with people. Actually waited about 30-45minutes for a lane. The experience was of course thrilling because it is the first time that I exercised twice a day, gym then bowling. Ok, maybe many of you do not consider bowling as a sport but really! flexxing the biceps, focus and swinging bowling balls are not exactly a walk in the park, especially when you are playing with pros.

I cannot help but feel that my performance was quite ameteurish due to the fact that most of the bowling balls do not fit my "fingers". I am really conteplating getting a ball custom made for my own but that would easily be another RM500. Should I? or Should I not?

Strangely, I am also picking up the skill to converse in Japanese. Although I am not hiring any teacher yet to tutor me, I am keen to actually attend language classes. Now, the barrier of entry now comes into my mind. Where the **** can I get this center. Apparently, I need to work harder to locate this language center because I don't think I can self teach myself to proper expression and communication standards required for this language. That said, I am starting the basics on my own and probably will buy a book with CD/AUDIO assistance. Any advise which is good?

To top it up, of course my anime watching helps abit. hehe ... SO DES NE!!!


Funny that I wrote all of this. I actually wanted to write about something else behind my head but after 15 min of typing, I realize I strayed from my intended post. Hmm... Maybe I shouldnt dwell ito that topic yet. Dont think it is healthy. So, here I go ... probably wasted your time reading my crap. Sorry...

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  1. THE gym fees is cheap o.o
    where u wan to study your japanese language?
    actually my sis study japanese lauguage at the Teikyo Japanese Language Institute at taman seputeh.
    or u wan some books?
    or she can teach u ...LOL!