Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The weekend, a birthday and a visit

The weekend was filled with uplifting no string attached moments. Spend most of my time doing things a laid back town boy will be doing. Laundry, house keeping, ironing, furniture hunting, napping, gyming, topping up inventories in the fridge and of course eating. Ate most this weekend, mostly at some of the more famous places w crowd. This weekend, it was Tampoi Nasi Padang and Sutera Duck Rice (not names of restaurant) but area where the food is located. Actual locations will be disclosed via physical visits. Haha.

Then came the day I had to work in Singapore for the whole day and only to have my friend story telling me retirement ideas, plans and the pleasure of a relationship over dinner. Was a good day trip to spore

And while I lost roaming, I lost myself in an entire different dimension. Weird, but today is Mr Watch bday. So a shout out to him - Happy Bday.

Cant help it but things may not build to last. All just short term hear some say

So random thoughts aside, my regular occasion visit of thoughtful "I" is back. Urgh. Bad timing. When the body is tired but the mind is awake, u only get bad result. Anxiety Zombie and Tired


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