Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Venturing to the mids

Lately there have been a lot of revelation leading me to think bout reaching the mids. It's kinda awakening when something important (or deemed as inspirational) is taken away, either temporarily or permanently. The death of the legendary Whitney Houston for one not only showcase that age is creeping up but also that idols come and go when you are around something that age. Some experience it with back in the days w Aretha, some w the lead singer for carpenters and some w pop king MJ.

But death is not the only thing that help realize one is moving towards the mids. The fact that certain friendships are distaning by nature too support this form of idea. Inevitably, the older you get friends especially from school or uni days around dwindle. They get married and moved on w family life, the get pregnant and moved on to lifetime commitments, they get new jobs and moved to places farther away for gatherings and some just change for better or worse I don't know, they just leave traces of friendships rather than connecting. Life goes on some says, nothing is permanent. How ironic that even that said, never once people realize the importance of "being young" or so to speak, being connected with loved ones.

Recently while I moved to JB, I certainly had lost more friends than gaining new ones. But I am proud to have few that still connects. I realize even though age is creeping up, I am happy and content to have a bunch of this companions that kept me "young" per say, kept me alive. I vow to do the same for those who care. Care back. I will live by my words, that I carry since high school ... Appreciate those who appreciate you because they set a world difference in life that can never be replaced.

So while in the world of comes and goes, it is really the individual themselves that can choose how to live their life, especially approaching the mids. Although often choices are not up to one to decide, there is always the side to seeing things on a lighter and brighter note.

Thou shall now remove my facial mask and make some calls to friends who had made the difference by appreciating who I really am without having doubts or personal reservation of any sort. Till then, Oyasuminasai peeps!

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  1. Appreciate those who appreciate you because they set a world difference in life that can never be replaced.

    i like this one.
    will u only stick to this world only and don get to know new friend?