Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And it is the weather again?

I am taking some break time off today at work. After a hectic schedule and running around, it was bestowed again by the impecabble power of message. I realize I use bombastic words when I am in a journey of despair or rather am dissapointed some how. So yes, again I am dissapointed. It seems that I always prove myself right at the end. Have I inherited some premination intuition skills or was it purely luck and statistic? I believe to be that acurate, its a mixed of both

As usual, I am keeping my mouth shut about such issues, and to each interval of fall, you rose and learn from experiences. I think many of us call that process growing up, at my age - I prefer to acknowledge the term : aging. Gracefully of course.

Take life as a pinch of salt and focus in the more important task. Life move on with every death, and life goes on with every birth.

The only trouble is that principles in life are often challenged when it comes to conflict of interest, especially with the self. So, in my case it is either sacrificying innocence for protection or risk hurt for passion. World's apart and deep, I think many of us think about that in the days of our life. Should we? Then shouldn't wouldn't would'ya ...

At the end of the day, I think embracing each mark in life is worth it. There are some crossroads in life one just never can understand but when you just feel, it is always the most innocent and natural way to comprehend. But the formality in life disperses those thoughts. So where do we actually stand ?

Are we allowed to be ourself but yet distant from negativity, or is it a struggle always in life one have to embrace only to get better?

Sound like a battle. Similar to my post about contentment vs happiness.

So I am repeating myself? Hmmm ... well just for thoughts.

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