Monday, February 27, 2012

Life after noticing the bigger picture

Listening to music, Chinese oldies love song, having sushi and a cuppa hot aromatic green tea is surely one of the best way to rewind. After working for the weekend, to collect more leaves and earn a bit of allowances for OT ... This definitely is life. Now I understand what mr watch meant by life is how you determine it to be. The power is in your hands. I used to look at my buddy, the one who loves cycling and wearing cap at home ... And think his life is so docile and lonely. All he does is work and lock himself up. I mean, come on he is living in bugis and that's is all in life for spore???

Now I finally understand. After finding peace within myself after a whole ordeal ... It is not what you do in life that matters most, is what you do for life. If you are happy content and grateful for the things you experience in life, you will feed your soul. To a level where you will know that the world is never enough and once you start the chase, it is on. Continuously either to haunt you or to please you. Just make sure you don't deny and lie to yourself that it is ok.

I learn it through moving south, finding self conflict and pain thru the power of harmful substance, the admission of loneliness and the final blow came to find out that the answer still lies within the other party in any progression were to happened. So it is then.

So after seeing kids played while families make sacrifices for the notion of family, I am glad I was part of this life that is real and apportion of me contributing to it. That's comfort to me. That's contentment for me. That's what makes me ... Me. One may notice that I hardly compliment myself but today yesterday and the day before after spending quality time w my colleagues, I realized that they had inserted so much reassurance and blessing to have my presence around.

Mr Muscle said "it is you, something about you that makes people smile and happy" and Dr Retail that said yesterday "you don't realize it but you make people wanna be at their best, happy or at work. You make em laugh"

Those had lapse from me for a while I admit. I used to live to see K smile laugh and wanna giggle. So The better me would prevail. It's pretty much the same I reckon. So, from now on ... I will try to be more positive, and definitely will make more smile. It's worth living for em...

Ha! Life ... Hmm time to down my tamago sushi!!! And just some pics of you missed my tweets :-)

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