Sunday, January 29, 2012

My First CNY week back to KL

I have to say that this year's CNY celebration has been nothing but fun fun FUN! It is the first year that I actually "commute" or "travel" back to my hometown for the celebration. This made the family reunion even more special than usual.

Then, meeting my aunts and grandma to only have them shower me with so much love and attention is literally wrong to say that I am not loved. Then, it was also the first time I actually did nothing but pure sleeping, eating and skipping gym for the week. To add more pleasant surprises, I have also received my first ever ang pao from my close friend who just gotten married. Her house is stunning! Love the walk-in wardrobe. Ending the holiday, I spent most of my time with friends. To have them walk in my life is like having received a medal or award for life time achievement. Appreciate you guys lots and thank you for having me around even though I no longer physically am available.

Starting off the new year, last minute shopping

Had my sisters to company me for the last min shopping, and the ever famous prosperity limited time only meal at MCD

The CNY eve dinner w family

Mum and sister posing w their new bags on 1st day CNY

Just cam whoring

Just cam whoring again

Just cam whoring with my dog, Tikus

Korean Lunch with YeeYee and DaDa - got a funny Ang Pao too

Pleasant visitor from Singapore, Dim Sum w family @ Puchong

One of my favourite picture, look like some family drama TV series poster

CNY Pai Nien @ Trix new home. R5!

Steamboat with the Boys, then we went clubbing. Awesome night!!!

Then just a few minutes ago, my family and I had a CNY dinner which also coincide with my cousin brother's birthday. It was so joyful and comical to have both the goofy him and his witty brother constantly embarking on conversations that are both hillarious and stomach bloating from laughing too much.

Sisters at the CNY reunion dinner with our aunts and uncles @ Friends, Kota Kemuning

Happy birthday bro!

Cousins. Some are missing ...

Overall, I think this is a great start of the year. May all the good things come rolling more and since it is the 7th day of CNY (which is also the day of everyone's birthday), HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR AND HAPPY BURFDAY PEEPS!

Now to chatup with a distant friend :-)

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