Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cash and everything budget

I can never keep track of my expenditures and financials. I guess it really requires commitment not only to keep track of daily debit and credits but also the will to sink your wallet deeper in the pocket when you need to take it out for payment purposes. I often wonder why people would eat less during lunch or dinner, or opting to fly low cost in long hauls, or even subject to getting counterfeits for movies or music (OK THAT LAST ONE IS DEFINITELY A LAME EXCUSE) ... but where I am getting to is the fact that money is so important these days, but how come when you use financial trackers or budget ... it always end up increasing the budget in the edit session???

I guess personal will is to be blame? Or has lifestyle demands so much of a person? Should we look to blame the economic and how the government has stir us to a middle income trap? Or are we just content with life that whatever comes - whatever goes ... including our financials? Or is it just living in the south demanded more cash?

I ask a lot of questions. Perhaps there's not much answers to them or perhaps the answers are obvious but knowing humans, we are ignorant?

Personally, I realize I am no different from my previous few months state. In fact, I think it may have just worsen a bit. I clearly recall before I made the decision to move south, I was rigorously and vigorously plotting numbers in excel to evaluate and cross evaluate both the financial occurrences if I made the decision. Putting my financial, accounting and budget skills from my MBA course, I was certain that I may have lower the risk and evaluated a decision better. Obviously I was a weak student. I am wrong

So with just like 2 weeks after payday, I am almost completely taken aback by the amount of cash crediting to my accounts. As how Alford would love to put it WTF ... LOUDLY. So how is it so? I need to track my records yah? But it doesnt seem to answer my uncertainty and question. Sigh. I am so so so broke till the extend that picking up a part time job was needed to accomodate my lifestyle down south. I say, I have myself to blame for overspending... and looking at the chart, it seems that I need to repay one particular debt before CNY and also incur an incoming expenses of "fixing buffalo"... BUFFALO IS NOT CHEAP DAMMIT!


I better return to my financials and work out a solution before I start requesting the company for an advancement. How sad...

One things quite in shock, I just finish writing an interview article for a local magazine in Johor and I swore just an hour ago I will not type or write something! But here I am on my blog, completely writing a different topic ... Hmm ... Have I found a new love for writing or am I just too bored after gluttoning down a bowl of pan mee?

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  1. record it down so that you can trace and found out what you use the most.
    record it down everyday^^
    I do that .