Sunday, January 1, 2012

The brand new year

Officially 2011 has passed. I guess many would have pondered in the last few minutes before the clock ticked 12 to celebrate the coming year, what significance have they achieved in the past months? Have they kept their resolutions? Have they fulfill promises made in year 2010 while ushering in 2011? Have they obtained or complete certain goals? Have they increase or rather nicely put, improve?

I guess nothing beats the celebration than giving yourself a pat on your shoulder for any occasion worth celebrating and remembering. I am not a big fan of festive or celebration. Every year I did it for the sake of just doing it. I guess it is because of that I never really do get invited for any form of countdown or party if any. This year, I had my parents on eve and when it was nearing 12, a phone call from a great soul wishing me the best and the rest was with Kurosaki San, famously known as Ichigo - Death God

So while dad snores away after his toast to new year with Teh Tarik and peanuts (so chinaman), I lay in my bed blogging with my iPhone thinking what have I achieved in year 2011. Am not even sure if I am proud of myself but one things for sure ... Many things happened, and time flew past ...

So some random not in order memorable moments was

1. My best girl friend and pet sis got married. They are close to heart and I dare say closest ever to me getting their knots tied first! Felt old

2. Completed and graduated from my MBA. Didn't know how it felt but I am happy I did it, met new friends and had my fair share of bitterness

3. Bought a house, and currently responsible for it. Fully and entirely random!

4. Decided to move south to a less hassle town and got into a surprise job doing something quite out of the box for me

5. Met a great date who made me believe that it is worth trying again. Although it didn't last, it was such honor to have you as a great supportive friend

6. Considered to bump into an old friend who is a true inspiration for me. Your courage, sincerity, love and strong will keeps me alive everyday. I am so happy to have met you after so many years again. Music lives!!!

7. Having a special someone requesting to sing for my first attempt of creating music. Not sure how it will turn out, but you had put me to tears so many times. You keep me swimming! You keep my soul alive!!!

8. Had so much laughter and fun in Sunway Lagoon! Cannot believe I sort of conquered my fear by accident in one of the ride. Will always remember the feeling of hanging up side down!!! And cursing !!! And then crying!!!

9. Climbing the great wall of China when I went to Beijing. Special thanks to my best buddy! You know who you are and hope to dine with you soon again, ala "our style" ... Hugs!

10. Receiving a surprised gift, wrapped in a turquoise box. Thank you so so much and I look forward in meeting you again! Owe you a big nice gift and dinner ...

Sending my appreciation to those who has made my 2011 both so good and bad! You guys complete Me!!! So the only things to do is getting use to writing the year date.

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