Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Picking someone from the airport?

I was at Changi Airport today. After landing in Senai, my company's transporter told me that he was going to pick up my brand manager after dropping me off. Out of the blue, I agree to following him into Singapore. I did not have any plans so it seems giving my manager a surprise guten arban will do the trick.

Since her flight got delayed for over 50min, I transformed myself into observation kin. I started studying closely of people behaving at the arrival hall. Those who are sitting down, those who hold name boards, those who are lingering, those who are on duty, those who are walking out, the tall short pretty normal looking, everyone.

Everyone was there (or mostly) for one occasion. Reuniting with someone.

I notice that reunification of two individuals require a lot of resources. Travel time for one is crucial since most airports are really far from residential areas. Not to mentioned that with aviation consequences, one may bear the extra hours of waiting and swinging their leg if flights are delayed.

But I observe overwhelming power of patience and anticipation.

The smile of the flying stewardess walking out the gate only to be greeted by her caucasian boyfriend is all it takes to make the day. They walked hand in hand to a nearby cafe and it seems that she is catering to his need now of having something pretty western. Ironic that she should be tired since she had at least a few hours clocked into work, she seem to look good. OK, maybe it is make up.

Then another air steward was reunited with his family. His wife and daughter. Wife took the coat, he held the daughter and they were kissing. This is rare I thought. I am sure mr. air steward fly often but to have his family pick him up and greet him with such warmth, I know the kid had good parents.

All the couples were doing the usual, kiss hug kiss again and then help the other pull their luggage. But seeing this girl cried because his bf brought her favourite flowers was interesting. I can't help but feel romantically involved. They were definitely spreading love

Mum was brushing his son's hair, sister was ransacking her parent's "gift" paperbag, friends were chest bumping and bear hugging, colleagues shook hands and welcome their stay, backpackers begin to open their map and discussing their destination are so common these days.

While I took a break and had dinner at the food court, I notice the air filled with people spreading joy. They were mostly enjoying their meal with someone. I notice that singaporeans are also quite the romantic type. Most tables are filled with pilot, flight attendants dining with their loved ones (couple, partners or friends) and they are not dressed in uniform. So, it got me thinking ... people who pick someone up from the airport (despite those on duties) are usually "love" related.

But my case is coincident. My manager was shocked beyond the point to see me. She couldn't believe her eye when I greeted her. She was frozen, took few seconds to digest before flashes a smile and quickly asked, did i drove the company's taxi here?

LOL ... it was awkward 10 seconds before me moved on.

That aside, back to my earlier observation...I also begin to notice the soloist. Those who quickly adjourned to taxi stands, avoid eye contacts and just smiling to others waiting for the relative was equally a lot. And so I thought, have I been travelling alone most of the time? While on business trip, I always had mr eagle along. Whenever I travel, he will come along to save cost. We plan our trips in that sense. Hardly alone. Only occasions. Rare. Even when i flew alone, I had someone at the other side waiting. My most recent memorable occasion was of course having MC waiting for me early in the wee morning of a cold day in Beijing. Such a sweet heart and all the 6 hours of painstaking sleepless flight was flushed away when he flashes his smile, hugged me and helped with my luggage

So that's how it feels like having someone to pick you up?

I wonder if my friends ever feel that way when I make my way to the airport. I knew MK is very appreciative. He would thank me for the first few minutes, probably 15min and then thank me again non-stop when we are 15min away from his home. I picked Mr Watch before and he is always fun to pick up. Always have surprises and usually happy ones. Don't think I ever did pick him up from the national airpot itself though. Who would forget K then. Picking him has been the most fun of all ...

I guess when it comes to that, it boils down to how much you want to see and do for that person. It is always thoughtful but when the gesture is sincere and filled with anticipation to see the person walk out the gate and all ... people usually dont really care if they are tired, late or even if it logically consume time. Well, I will be happy to walk out to see someone giving me hug and welcome me. I mean, who doesnt rite?

So all that said, I don't know why I am writing such post. Maybe it is a sign for me to travel again soon ... to somewhere friends are waiting :-P

Sorry for wasting your time reading this. lol


  1. Sending and picking Is sweet, but sweeter for being unexpected.