Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It's been a very tiring week. Although it is only half way through, I am beginning to feel that my body is shutting down due to fatigue. I am blogging with almost no mind set to write and I cannot possibly shut my eyes. But I want to write, just to quickly update life for those who still reads about me

After arriving in JB for the past two days, I have met many clients. For once, I've come across meeting great clients who actually listen and take note of my presentation. I remember exactly two years ago, I was only doing presentation for two things - one to score more marks for my MBA ... and two to close business deals for my company. Most occasions, I do not think anyone remembers or care. Let it be clients or colleagues

These few days, my presentation was on one strategy and one motive. Information. With the help of strong brand element, it became so much easier to speak to clients and potential partners.

I realize that this boils down to reputation. Same with brand, a person is treated so with dignity, respect and a sincere relationship based on their reputation. To even put the word judgement into that is an understatement.

Whether one creates a strong positive reputation or the other really depends not only of a person's intentions and actions, but also evaluated across time. Time tell all tales. And with time too, you can see a person's true self. That helps with clarify and quickly predicting the other party quite simply and naturally. The reaction towards treating or handling a person than becomes the fundamental affect of again the starting point of reputation. Are you one that walk the talk, or just basically talk?

To make it simple, a positive reputation is coherently connected to the actions one take reflecting their basic ideas which then creates an arena of acceptance and submission from another. I am re-reading the sentence and realized that it wasn't quiet simple. Hmmm

Time for bed.

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