Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The term clearly defined by many dictionaries or scholars as the epitome feeling raised of wanting to learn or know or bond or connect or curious or worry or what ever under sky you called it, to someone or something is quite interesting.

I still find the term amusing because in today’s relevance, the term needs to be coiled with two other important word : determination and perseverance. So, I am getting on to a relationship? Nope, you guys got it wrong. Actually it is in every aspect ... let it be interest in someone, interest in a hobby, interest in a new found investment, interest in a fetish perhaps? Or even to put matters in a complicated way because I tend to love that, interest in the disinterested.

While I am munching my dinner, remembering a friend told me to chew more ... I am now in the interest of chewing my food longer in the perception that the amylase from my saliva will digest the carbs and turn it into fats or mass for my thin lean frame. That interest probably will not last

Then I thought about work. It has only been less than 2 months since I started my new job down south here and already the entire company is tagging me with names, more commonly known as small boy and the chosen one. In their interest, I seem like the boy who knows. Their interest in my “quick” change look, my conversation topics, my jokes and some have deep interest in my perception on life as well as demeanour can be quite amusing and entertaining. Not complaining, but wonder when these interests will fade

Interest from other people has always been interesting. It sets motive. It blurs vision and intentions. It changes target and switches mode in expression. It’s intensity often measures the tools and doings a person can act upon to reach the final result. It can also move mountains, some had say ... but ever so the positive inclination of interest can only exist and measured in determination and perseverance of a person’s in contribution of time, varieties of execution methods and lastly degree of impression.

Well at the end of the day. Each individual is different and through time and personality, one can see how much interest is bestowed upon thy subject

I know I sound like a professor giving some stupid unrelated talk. But I just felt that I need to write something deep since I have this current huge interest on the topic and also the interest to fully utilize my dining table. Eating while writing. Wonder how long this interest will persevere ...

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