Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The and more

The past two days has been quite interesting,
The drive under the pour,
The unexpected passerby,
The chat that resume ended up in comfort

The dinner entertains
The eavesdrop we had on the couple next table
The stare and smile
The proximity going down the escalator

The wet staircase
The laugh on a breezy night
The invitation
The changing stares

The warmth sheets
The indoor rain
The sixth sense touch
The curtains we draw

The rock and roll
The perfect checkout photo
The departure and longing
The re invitation

The wishes hopes and missing link
The chatters
The night cold breeze
The anticipation

The coffee cafe
The bubble tea store
The formal boutique
The bubble tea store again

The free parking lot
The fitting room
The water space
The room that fits two

The chocolate bar, milk and bottle tea
The request to town
The walk back
The goodbye

Then ...

The nightly wish
The mysterious pisces
The laundry leo
The approval finally

To end the night

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