Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 4 work - PR media launch

So today we had our officially media launch and to be honest, it went quite well. I just hope the same excitement that the attendee gets in the event transcend to the actual press itself.

We of course unveil the technic coaster which is one of the main attractions at the park. This is just the first stage and to be frank, really is our first media approach. There will be more coming soon so beware of the press and media talking bout us

The highlight of the day of course was not only concentrated at the coaster, and the CEO behind the project but also on the Lego brand itself. The people who represented the brick, the mascot and the magical toy bricks lead equally a show stealer!!!

The event was a success and after my manager left the office, here I am doing my small effort to tell you guys that the park is worth visiting! Really it doesn't at least to take pic with the hundreds of different type of Lego brick man rite???


  1. Ok la so I expect free entrance tickets into Legoland in a veyr near future XD

  2. Far more curious about the Lego shop! Would it be cheaper with better deals?

  3. Tempus : lol ... not entertaining requests of such. sorry bro, you gotta be friend another LEGO staff to try your luck for free tix

    Savante : I heard, yes but not huge difference. There would be the limited editions and rare finds in the BIG SHOP (the lego shop in the park) ... only available exclusively in the park

  4. but from the price stated in China press its like going to Disneyland! Aigoo~ nevermind, staff price is also considerable!

  5. tempus : interesting find. i leave that research on price to you. i believe a person should have their own say and not determined by the press. Not defending LLM, but don't you find that everytime a Malaysia complain about price, they are reflecting inferiority in their own spending power?

  6. at some point yes it is. Somehow people do hope to get some privileges here and there as the citizens. Then again, its LEGO land haha. We'll see how it goes, I'll get my friend who stays in JB to check out the prices out for real! The ding dong thing is to get accommodation there. If I were to study in Newcastle Medicine, I would have been able to explore by now T.T