Monday, December 19, 2011

10 MUST have for festive

Read some interesting find on R29. So wanted to share with you guys. Important 10 THINGS that guys must buy in this holiday season. Or rather how I would like to put it, shopping list for this coming sale season

1. Fitted Suit

Have that slashed out. Nine to go!
Best place to get : Tailor them - Bangkok. Off the shelves - Korea and Japan!

2. Nice Plaid Shirt

Have that too, slashed out no2. Eight to go!
Best place to get : Brand Outlet stores ... VARIETY + COST EFFECTIVE

3. Overcoat
Don't think I need that in Malaysia. But, will consider since I am planning trips to Japan/HK for winter. Maybe Boston? LOL
Best place to get : Burberry ... or Jaspal ... or Uniqlo (in descending order of affordability)

4. Leather Shoes / Boots
Have em. But never enough. So this stays in my list ... hehehe
Best place to get : Pedro

5. Tie alternative

Bow tie a ? Hmm ... this is a tricky one. Regret not getting one the last time
Best place to get : Suggestions?

6. Hoody!
Definitely got. Quite a few actually. Slashed no3, Seven to go !

7. Jeans
I have 13 of them. Some friends told me I overstock my jeans because you can actually wear them over and over again. Yea, like DUH! I do that ok ... !!! Slashed no.4
Best place to get : True Religion, Dolce&Gabbana, 7 for Mankind ... else, CK Jeans, Levis

8. Crew Neck Sweater

I love pullovers! Haha ... Bought one w Mr Watch. Considered slashed la ... 50% through the list
Best place to get : Banana Republic ... Again, Brand outlets : DAMN ALOT!

9. Scarf
Essential lo ... But I have not bought one in years.
Best Place to get : Everywhere! Just find the right material ...

10. Colored Socks
Shit! I need to get these later when I go out shopping with mum
Best Place to get : Uniqlo ... cannot remember where else I saw tons of it!!! Hmm

So today's shopping list :



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  1. Try practising on the bow tie knots now! :) Takes a while to master.