Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas 2011

A friend told me that it feels like I have three homes. One in KL, the one in JB and the other in SG. Since I was back in KL for the past 2 weekends for work and Betty's birthday, I've decided to spend my Christmas in SG. Honestly, it is not as if I have that many friends in SG and definitely I literally had not alot of plans or party to attend to here.
One of the few reason is to company my friend Markus, who at the end also went out to celebrate the festive greeting eve and the other is because my best buddy is here. It was awesome to have him for last year's new year eve and this year's XMas eve. We just sat at TCC and had drinks, watched couples kiss when the clock strike twelve and try our best not to puke eating this royal pumpkin cheese cake which is not really that royal afterall. Either than that, I spent most of my time watching TV, looking sleepy and sleeping ... lol
I want to thank all my friends who had took the opportunity to give me pressies, regardless it is wishes, videos you sent via whatsapp, chocolate, t-shirts, candies or attempt to help me reduce my wishlist (yay! one slashed!!!). It meant a lot to me because it shows that you guys cared even though I am that far away. Really! HUGS ...

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