Friday, December 16, 2011

Shooting yourself at the feet

I find human amusing and very interesting. Not bragging or trying to defend a point but has generally Malaysians become so skeptical, negative and prone to complains? I mean if Singaporeans are at the level, I understand because they have reached a developed country stage... But Malaysians ... please, stop complaining and start doing something about your life. This goes with align with the next political election process. Don't complain life is hard if you are going to shoot yourself in the feet.


I don't know, maybe because ever since young ... I am exposed to many facts in life. Growing up in a family where cash wasn't always enough was sucky. Having friends being mean to you and having no proper vocabulary to spit back sucks. Seeing families going for vacation elsewhere while you are stuck home wondering why is life so dull is even suckier. And when the envies, loneliness sinks in, the complain in life begins.

I know friends who find their limitations, restrictions and lifestyle being controlled hard to live. Growing up in an urban state of mind is definitely not a walk in the park. Having corruption springing out, splatting shit on your face made life even harder. Fortunately I was lucky. Always brag about people who came into my life, inspirationally driving me for the better. Having my family to support and ever so encouraging, having my two best buddies to remind me on how life should always be on the move, having a sifu who inspires me to be mindful and balance in life, having an angel to remind me of contentment and peace and having someone far to always believe and be strong helped in every sense.

On the contrary, I find people who make their life different, bringing themselves to be more competitive and driven by positivity and yet down to earth really amuses me. I salute them ...

That drives me. To stay sane and always compare myself to the better, and then try to be better but yet subtly proud of my own achievements. It is so important for people to now look at how things have change and will change dramatically. Within short periods of time, huge companies had died. Institution such as families and education has changed. Values and social orders had been restructured. Often not, we find ourselves also entangled in the capitalist world... but that has become a fact

An economic guru which I have crossed path with told me and a bunch of friends that if Malaysian continues to stay unmoved, trapped in the middle income (RM3000 below), there will be domino effect where one will never bring themselves out of poverty. YES! because while other countries like China are skipping their way to luxury stores, here we are digging in to outlet stores.

I am not bashing what seem to be a mere ramble. But have you look yourself in the mirror and wonder why are we always complaining about life but when it comes to action, we are just sitting down often lying to ourselves that it is ok? I guess at the end of the day, the winner will still be the people (even if they are unethical) who uses themselves to the best advantage to fit into the demand of life

I find people incompetent in understanding the need to improvise and march forward. On many occasions, people receive what they are fed and never seen the bigger picture. Are we that blind and just replicate what is thrown at us? Or are we just voicing our concern because viral marketing has encouraged us to be voice but actually noise? Obviously facebook empowerment is nothing but just status.

This post has no intention to berate anyone. Just I find that while I have coffee with my friends, it is so weird that people are all just complaining about things without rethinking where they are. If you are not happy with life, don't live with it. Make that damn change. If you are not content with life, then you are obviously not happy. If you are content, then you will feel no effect reading this post.

Stop whining and crying ...

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