Friday, September 16, 2011

What am I doing

Never the day I thought I would receive a compliment on my writing. Come on, I have tons (or is it tones???) of writing errors engulfing the entire english syllabus in comprehension, sentence structure, grammar and nevertheless vocabulary. So a compliment now and then boosted my ego. So I've decided to drop a poison meaningless post on my blog to literally kill you guys who are reading this.

Anyway, have anyone noticed that it has been extremely quiet today? It's kinda like a public holiday, quite long to say since it goes across the weekend but no one seem to make a big hoohaa about the sales or malls. I was at KLCC and to be frank, it was not as bustling and busy as I expected it to be.

After shopping for a plain tee at UQ for just RM10 a piece and buying oral hygiene stuff for mum at Guardian, I spent most of my days reading through case study for my finals next week. I should be jumping in joy, but some how I feel again ... put down. lay down. or maybe just down.

perhaps it is the fact that my eyes are healing. perhaps it is the weather ever so mellow and gloomy. perhaps it is the absence of exercise and gym. perhaps it is the way I've spent my time being so unproductive and literally expecting too much.

perhaps perhaps

Ok la ... nothing to write.

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