Monday, September 19, 2011

MC in town, packed up week

Another new week is starting. I have a close friend in town for the next few days. It would be also the week where I have to juggle some fair amount of work, play and study. This week will prove either a builder or breaker for me and I have high intentions to get to where I insist and perceived to be.

Work has it all. My end of employment is coming to near, and it would be such a great learning experience for me to help liquify assets from my company. Dealing with suppliers, potential buyers and literally a move to empty our entire establishment alone is not going to be easy. I do have some help and advise, certain support from friends too but nevertheless the bulk of work, report and stress still lingers.

Then there is Play! The usual balance between spending time w friends and having personal me time. No doubt it is play, it still requires time and resources and with what is coming in the next few days, it will be important for me to juggle time and manage them well to maximise the output. One thing I can count on is that my friends have no high expectations of myself, but how come I am so highly tensed up to ensure the perfect fit and experience comes into play?

Study of course is inevitable as my FINAL EXAM is just around the corner. Have I started revision? Only 20% ... but with approximately 5 days away, and looking at my schedule - I need to really slot in time to flip through the thick 400 pages text book. No to mentioned that my extra readings are not even done yet. I really hope I do not fail this exam ... I really want to complete this milestone and just proudly walkaway. No re-sit of exam, No complications and definitely NO MORE SAT,SUN CLASSES!

Not to mentioned other "ad-hoc" stuff that is lined up too, like family commitments and all. Then, my insomnia seem to be getting worse, and more frequent ... which is not exactly helping my recovery for my eyes. Last but not least is also the fact that things to pop up last minute and kinda steal time away from you. With all the packed schedule, I cannot imagine how last minute changes of stuff will do to me. Wao! Things just need to come all at one time ya?


Peace finally. Time to head to bed cos it would be a long week ahead ... and MC, thank you so much for this gift ...

It means a lot when you see detailed efforts are put into actions. You shouldn't have but I can feel your sincerity. Definitely a good pat on the back and a hair rub. Am so thrilled and happy you have someone to share your life with now because you deserve every bit of it you lion !!! Hugs

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