Thursday, September 8, 2011

The gamer and my ex colleagues ramble

My gamer self today has officially strategize a safe exit plan!!!

While I was returning from a teh-tarik drinking session, one bike and car was up to no good. Immediately I remember K's incident on federal highway. I calmly reduce my acceleration and started thinking, this bike in front of me tends to block my way no matter where I go. With no number plate and driving less than 60km/h, I quickly tweeted about the incident. In case I do go missing, I love you guys ya and I left a trail for CSI ... because I will never give in without a brutal fight. *eyes turning yellow and wind blowing*

But of course, that didn;t happened which is why you are reading this. I patiently waited for the opportunity to escape while cautious enough to keep a distant from the mobile behind. As soon as my chance came, they realize they are wasting their time. I am so happy the hours I spent on PS games and Binge paid off.

Anyway, I chated with an ex-colleague earlier today and found out that she is extremely unhappy in her new job. With a higher salary and exposure in a large company, she rightfully should be better off. As she continue to relate her story to me, I found yet another no surprise reason why her recent employment was deemed a nightmare, disaster and awkwardly strange. Management issue. Leadership issue. Working environment and culture issue. Perhaps she was benchmarking her tenure with us ... well that's good news for me! haha

Apparently, this factors never change one lo!

Every time someone complain ... it is surely either one of those reasons or all three together. She is suffocating as her team is under-performing not because it was overloaded with work, but mainly because there are rotten apples the company cannot dispose off. An actually employee actually yelled and dismissed the manager of department itself when the fault was his not the mangers. Strange how the power role has changed. There are also incidents where stresses boil to a point when you see yourself buried in work but your team is boiling porridge, a Canton term coiled to illustrate empty chats. How to work like this? She ask

Have we mentor her wrong to be responsible, reliable and responsive? I believe not. She is just a gem that was unlucky enough to have fit into a company that pays well, but performs badly. That justify when she mentioned that only seniors are retain in the company, turnover rate is extremely high among new employees and what awed me the most is when the assistant operation manager ask her, a NEW STAFF, to slack when she has tons of work to finish. There is a difference between the word break and slack. Bitch.

She relates to me that she pity her manager who often OT because of her team.

So how to solve this kinda problem? You cannot actually take immediate action because somehow the employment law protects them. They do execute their work, and only theirs but it comes to my knowledge that often the work is ill prepared. Silly careless mistakes are overlooked, often causing misconduct, trouble to their client and definitely delay in the team. In my dictionary, that is a big spank in their ass. But somehow, when fault occurs in her company ... not only does junior staff point fingers on senior managers ... they actually verbally insults them. It is an allowed culture?


My solution and advise to her ... Leave. Of course, there are other stuff which I will skip writing. Bad stuff. REALLY BAD AND NASTY BEHAVIORS.

I hate to say this, but what if I were in the senior position. How would I have reacted towards staff who unethically and no doubt unprofessional diss, humiliate and abuse me? of a mistake non mine? !*#&^@#!%^@!&@!


I can imagine ... but I definitely will have the pleasure to find out

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