Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sept 14th

Yesterday I drove around town. I let the window down and enjoyed the quiet breeze late night. It was like a fast train of memories. I remember many years back, on the same day ... I had my wings clipped and was literally shattered. I sat in my car, broke into pieces while others were worried sick. It was the day of hopelessness and fragility. Hurt

Then yesterday, coincidentally memories flashed by. I thought, how I have grown and breakaway. How life has been so different. How life was no longer about crying. How life has exploded

The nights where I sing myself to sleep, wondering why he never understood and called was no longer an issue. Life do suck without him. Honestly. Well mistakes both of us made.

That said, coincidentally yesterday Kelly Clarkson release her album cover too!

Haha ... random thoughts eh? I really can't wait for her album to come ... and meet her too! oh my ...

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