Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hagen Bday 2011 w R5

Going to just cut and paste my email to the R5 + Tammy :-D

I would like to express my utmost gratitude for still celebrating my bday after a whole month passed. Honestly I am really touched, and the effort put into getting everyone together, dining, all dolled up and flyingmercury with her surprise new self (awesomeness look) ... You girls cannot imagine how I felt when you all stood there singing the birthday song, snapping photos and showering me with laughter, camera flashes and sincerely wishing me for the best

And so I get kangaroo doll, a box gift, cake and cards ... so nice!

And so I am animated because I am happy

And so I get a set of Parker Pen ... and the birthday card looks like me!!!

And so I am with @hazzyalice

And so I am with @flyingmercury - SF

And so I am with Tammy ... more girls!!!!

And so I am with @biancobunny connie ... guys jealous yet?

And so I am with @trixiegan trying to steal her away from Ryan gorgor! haha

Group shot ... want you to make me feel, like I am the only boy in the world ...

R5 ...


Really love you all lots.

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