Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bye bye glasses

I believe I had one of the weirdest moment. EVER. It happened a few days ago but well, I rather put you guys in suspense because it is rather private. Just wanted to tease some of the readers here, but you know who you are and thank you ... thank you so much for making the effort.

And so this post is about vanity.

I finally had my lasek, lasik or laser whatever the medical jargons used to describe the traumatic experience of lying on the operation bed having a thin slice of cornea flipped, then shot with laser lights and then placed back ... I describe them to MK as Black Eyed Pea Music Video experience, upclose personal and macro! He laughed.

The traumatic experience is pretty much psychological. To be honest, there were absence of pain. Nothing to worry about. Perhaps my doctor was gentle, professional and quick. He made the process bearable and short. Simple sweet and precise. After 48 hours, I dare say ... my vision is nearly perfect for sight. I finally can read without glasses or contacts.

Just some two pence worth of advise, post and pre of the operation (you can directly ask me if you would like to know more too), not that I am an expert but I did went for a formal education session on the whole process.
  1. It is absolutely a safe procedure, nothing is cut out ... no tissue is removed, just a process the call "flap" and laser.
  2. After surgery, avoid sunlight, sauna, steam, dust, smoke and contact sports. This include sex ok!
  3. Check with your clinic if they provide a life-time warranty for the lasek. Mine does!
  4. Should after examination your cornea is too thin, there are always alternatives ... the technology for eye surgery has improved tremendously. Just see if you have *kaching* or not
  5. You can still wash your hair and face, just be caution with shampoo
  6. Sensitive eye will have lots of tears ... think of as onion chopping experience, a prolonged one
  7. Before surgery, get your facial done, get your hair cut and get your gym routines all pumped up.
  8. DO NOT RUB your eyes (some ppl have bad habit like me)
  9. Sleep with this plastic cover ... which made me look like some sort of alien (pic below)
  10. Teardrops every 2 hours, every 6 hours antibiotics and try not to strain your eyes
  11. Be ready with CASH - OR CREDIT

Piece of advise, don't look at the medical bill. Being me, I actually formularized the procedure and to be honest, after a hefty discount for flirting with the doctor ... just joking, knowing the doctor personally as a friend ... The 20 minutes process (excluding eye examination, medication and fabulous customer service) ... it was RM7200 for both eyes.

The price you pay for vanity. You don't exactly need it ... but for furgly people like me ... it is better to have it done young la. While the market is still relevant. So I am putting my hefty bet on ROI.


Now, to calculate and manage my financial for my next cosmetic enhancement ...


  1. Pffft. Masked/Kamen Rider, with those beetle-like plastic covers. 7200 for both eyes? wait till I earn 10k per month, and that's excluding the monthly expenses. Geez, when will I get MY Lasik

  2. hey, how's your eyes? hope you feel a lot better right now, i think of getting the treatment too, i'll save money for it :)

  3. Tempus : Haha ... You should opt for the eye exam and see what they recommend if you are serious about getting the eye fixed

    KHH : Yea, definitely felt better. There is installment plan for the treatment anyway, so really depends. But honestly, I save a lot on glasses, contacts and the solution