Saturday, September 3, 2011

Over, It and I

It is over yet?
It feels like time stopped
I can finally cross the road blindly
Locking up the misery, anxiety and worries

It is over yet?
It really isn't that hard or bad I say
I know turning in circles and chasing weeps are just play
Running away, hiding ... crying what else I say

It is over yet?
Its the dark clouds that is to be blamed
I am the one at fault but I am pointing fingers
Pouring out and never learn to stand, to live, should I?

It is over yet?
Its explosion, screaming, constant lying
I am delusional they say, I am loved they said
Feeling lucky and alive is a chance, a choice

It is over yet?
Its constant hope, deliverance and salvation
I kneel, I pray and I weep
Crunching the sorrow, pain and

It is over, yet?
Its the voice so deafening I chose deaf, mute and numbness
I want release, I want freedom, I want the air I soar highly upon
Giving it all away, really shattering it all away

It is over
Its the stop and road you chose to go
I want myself gone, grown into another
Breathing, kissing and keeping all alive

It doesn't matter because it is over
Its definitely over
I know so

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