Friday, April 8, 2011

A start that comes a great end

As I sit, looking out the glass wall (yeap glass from ceiling to floor - jealous nya!) overseeing the cityscape, lighted naturally by sunlight and typing away on the Macbook ... I cannot believe how much I will miss the little things I have encounter. The trip has indeed been a great escapee and to be honest with you, I kinda look forward for work and the battle against impossible draconian bosses.

What some will put it, vacation well spent.

That said, I have also spent numerous hours drifting away and often wonder how life would be like for me sitting across the other side river. One things for certain, I love the cold weather. No doubt about that, cos I get to dress up and often cuddle warmly in bed while enjoying the natural chilly winds whispering into the room at night. How I dread sleeping through my aircond back home coughing with a tingling sound

The balance of cultural learnings, historical visits as well as comical jokes, talks and laughters, to top it with mild shopping has definitely cast a comforting effect. The luxury of having a great friend with open arms and touring you with endless non-complaint photo taking has been the tip of my trip! Thanks MC

So as I am ushered to quickly depart ... I cannot wait to blog about my trip in sight-seeing, the lifestyle and culinary experience I have shortly endeavored. I shall do it tomorrow. I promise :-)

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