Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain Pour ...

I wonder if its possible to turn a portion of my workplace into gym area?

I am currently stranded in the office, at Kelana Jaya refusing to go home because I am afraid of the jam. When I heard thunders roaring earlier, I knew I will spend another hour in the office restless. Refusing to continue work, I am now officially bored and pretty much yawning with sleepy eyes.

Every time it rains, the roads around my office area gets nasty. Last Friday was already havoc for me and since then, I never really feel safe, productive or even good to drive in major roads in Klang Valley when it pours. It is like a well known culture that when it rains, you just get stucked in jam for hours.

I really do not know what our country is doing to improve the quality of living in KL. Seriously! With the new controversy about 1Malaysia email, an obvious bail-out project for financially troubled company (don't be surprise if it's "sorta" government linked) ... I cannot understand why can't the government spend the 50million RM project for something else. Unclogging and fixing the stupid flood at NKVE exit to Subang and Federal would be a good move!

But well, it doesn't make any profitable sense I believe. Afterall, we are a country famous for our deceptive white elephant projects. Mega huge! Mega promotion! Mega feature! Mega money involved! and Mega failure at the end!

What to do? We plan, execute but never maintain... How to survive?

So here I am sitting at my desk figuring how am I gonna spend the next 45 minutes to avoid the jam, it only took me 5 seconds to decide which party I am going to vote for in the next election.

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