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Food from Beijing


Spoiler ahead. Food pics. Food post. Food review

I am back from the capital of China. As you guys may have already known, I had an awesome time over there. One of the highlights of my trip is of course the food I have. Although Beijing is not famous for the dishes, MC did a good job to keep the meals fresh, new and in many ways entertaining ... except the time he tried to be funny on street food.

MC also wanted me to rank the places that he took me to, apparently he feels that I am kinda fussy and must sort'ta recommend certain places should anyone plans to visit the city. To be honest, I think Da Dong is one of the most pleasant experience. I literally do not eat duck but MC talks me into being a big fan of Peking Quack. To drag me to the dark side, it was no other than the famous wooden roasted duck at Da Dong.

Me at Da Dong restaurants. Had the place twice since I had an orgasmic experience there.

Cant remember the name of this dish, but its like chili oil with peanut sauce with chicken. You can actually taste the peanut lo. Incredible I tell you!

Famous chicken dish with almond slices. Must have when there. It taste abit like Kong Po Chicken but without the spicy tangy chilis. Apparently a famous local dish

This dish is particularly new to me. Its like ginko dates with tofu and egg. It looks like some dessert, but its actually a main dish. Think of soup. Thick soup. Very filling ...

Healthy rice. It looks black ... but in actual fact, it is purple. Some kinda grains la. But they fried it with salted fish which is yummy! Not to mention that the rice has a very nice texture

Peking Duck condiments, with the ABSOLUTELY YUMMY DUCK. The skin is crispy and duck taste is very nicely roasted. They actually show you how they do it at the entrance of the restaurant. Then a live presentation of slicing it into thin pieces. A dish I didn't knew I would fall in love with.

That said, I think Little Sheep which sells hot pot soup is quite fun too. The service is top notch and super friendly. You order it like the local steamboat but their highlight is of course the yin yang soup as below, which is infused with strong herbal taste! The compliment to the soup of course is the variety of vegs, meats and things you can throw into it.

The interesting thing is of course is the sheep meat you can eat. LOL. Ok, it is the lamb you can order. The sesame sauce also kinda heightens the taste. One new thing I found is that they actually give you the raw meat where you have to roll them yourself into balls to be put into the soup. I had a good laugh doing it.

I did not bought an apron, nor it was part of my wardrobe. Most of the patrons were given it to substitute napkins. But I look cute in it, so I actually wanted to take one home. Of course, MC talk me out of it. Haha

One piece of advise, never dip vegs into the red hot soup unless you are up for some real fear factor challenge of handling breathing, taste and hot scalding oil in your mouth. Smoke gets in your eyes!

Then of course, there are the average food that we had. I cannot continue to specifically blog them cos I am already having my saliva dripping down the side of my lips. So, here's a brief :

Cha Jiang Mien!

This is what I call grass. Only cows eat em. MC humoured me with this dish, thou we finish it.

Pork slices that you wrap with onion and wanton skin. Superly greasy

Chives pancake. One of my favourite ~ kinda overkill thou. It is as big as a small size pizza. So better count your heads before ordering it

Onions with lamb. Super greasy too.

Honey candies. One of my favourite snack while watching CNN

Crispy pan fried "Da Long Pao". Self named. LOL. Careful of squirting soup

and their sweet and sour ribs are ... heavenly! You can get them anywhere!

To end the post. We also had a trial on fine dining in Beijing and for once, everyone was nicely dressed, speak pleasantly well english and had dining etiquette. We were at this place call : Maison Boulud.

The price are seriously not absurd and with the portion, it is actually value for money. Still, prepare to spend about RMB600 for a 3 course meal. Mind you, must be in formal too :-)

Overall, they have quite proper food and restaurants, except some are pretty run down. Avoid street food cos apparently, south east asia and west asia is different in that sense. Do bear in mind that Beijingers eat proper meals, so don't expect supper or any like small stalls selling food in the middle of the night. I had problems with that cos I was always hungry, mouth itchy, lips itchy, tongue itchy ... whatever you put it. But I have a reason to it ... cold weather, boy needs energy!

So yah, try all the food. Be adventurous. But avoid : "CLICK ON PIC TO READ THE LABELS!"

and sea horse which I had no heart to take the pics... skewered !!!

In conclusion, food are typically greasy. North bound states. So bring some charcoal pills or even pack up constipation meds if necessary. Do visit their grocery store or supermarket and enjoy the variety of milk (ie; red date, black sesame, green bean, red bean and my favourite barley flavoured)....

Hungry already ... :-D

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