Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beijing China 2011

Too many things to write about my China trip. So I will do my best to summarize the points. Basically, its a land of many people - people - people everywhere. Please beware when crossing road, as even with zebra lines or green light for pedestrian crossings does not necessary guarantee safety. I almost got knocked down while legally crossing with the green sign of a walking man. Yeap, drivers in Beijing do not stop

Anyway, that said ... my trip almost covered every worthy visited place in Beijing. So, let's start with some pictures ... Mind you I did not upload the entire hundreds of snap shot. Well, I am a cam whore... so here's a few good ones :

Arriving at the Temple of Heaven

Then, some random street pics

National stadium - Birdnest ... and the Aquatic Arena - Bubble hut :P

Chang Ling tomb, visiting the late Emperor Yong Le ... big lo his kubur.

Pillars are made of singular tree, cannot be burnt due to the wood type. Apparently, wood takes 700 hundred of years to grow.

Gate of hell. Not suppose to cross over, a common Chinese belief of leaving soul at the other side.

Some alley, perfect shooting point for model wannabe like me!

Great wall of China!!!

The wall of course is very long and have a few spots to start for the climb. Our tour choose "Ba Da Ling". Sounds like Petaling ... LOL

The fastest record ever to finish the entire wall, from the head to the tail ... is 2 months and 2 days, achieved by two british climbers. Salute!

TinNanMen and entering Forbidden City. Not that forbidden la ... with the amount of crowd galloping into the palace, would believe Mr Watch that soon the palace will sink into the ground.

I like this pic. I look good in it. So random hor ... haha

Lucky to have gotten a pic, without people in the scenery.

Then decided to go into smaller alleys to avoid the sheep instinct and crowd. My objective was to find for ancient toilet. Of course, many places are not allowed for visitation

But found the abandon project of crystal palace. The place was supposed to be filled up with water to showcase fishes. Imagine aquarium, in the size of that structure. China boleh!

Imperial garden


Then it was to ... Wang Jing Fu. Shopping! Sadly ... very exp!

I also went to Liu Li Chang (Antique street, but did not take any picture because was rushing ... as they were closing down the market).

The pictures below are from this cultural street ... but cannot remember the name. Damn! MC help help ... if you are reading :P

Bought most of my souvenirs at this street. Do visit for local designers inspiration too. There is a corner with smelly tofu too. Really stinking one lo

SUMMER PALACE - Must visit lo. According to trip advisor la. I like the place anyway, its like a palace with little town in it. Can you believe that a palace actually has a water way with streets next to it. Mini Venice like...

I cannot help but dine. Pricey but for the experience, worth it man!!!

The famous never ending long corridor walk

Some how, summer palace is more beautiful and laid back compared to the real palace -aka- forbidden city

The marble boat. Damn the emperor lo ... dunno why he need that also

Konon la mahu jadi model macam Chanel ad. Tak jadi

Quiet ... scary

Lama Temple. Got Guiness book of records - single tree carved buddha statue. No pictures allowed, so you gotta go see yourself la. Or google.

Love spring ... leaves getting greener

To end things. Beijing english is also very special.

1. Beware of slippery fall ... in beijing is known as:

2. Caution of steep stairways ... in beijing is known as:

There are more... but I laugh too loud each time, so have to escape the stares from the public thus at many times did not manage to capture the signage.

Well ... I wanna zzz le ... tomorrow flying off again.

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